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Posted 6/27/2017 11:25am by Jennifer.

Most of the items you will receive this week are pretty common, except you might be asking, "What is a garlic scape?"  Here they are pictured below.



Garlic scapes are the tender shoots from the garlic plant.  If these shoots are left on the plant, they will produce seeds and make for a smaller head of garlic, because the plant will put energy into making seeds and not a garlic head.  So, we pull scapes in June, so we can harvest bigger garlic in July.  The scapes have a mild garlic flavor.  Some people eat them raw, others roast them in the oven.  I like them tossed in olive oil with salt & pepper and grilled.  They can be chopped up and put in a stir fry to add a mild garlic flavor.  I've also chopped them up and placed them in a homemade vinaigrette for salads.  You can also use them in pesto.  The possibilities are endless!  Here's a link with a couple more ideas.

Garlic Scapes


The strawberries are tasty eating on their own, but my kids love them topped with some freshly made whipped cream for a healthy dessert.  I recently tried a spin on berries and whipped cream by using a recipe from a fantastic cookbook called "Cook It Together" by Annabel Karmel.  It's full of simple recipes that kids will enjoy making with you using fresh ingredients.  Here's a link to the Strawberry Layers recipe from the book.  It got 4 thumbs-up at my house!  

You could also pair the strawberries with the fresh spinach from your vegetable share for a delicious salad.  The following recipe is similar to how I prepare my spinach salad, except for the dressing I use whatever vinegar I have on hand (usually balsamic or red wine), and I use honey or stevia to sweeten.  

Strawberry Spinach Salad


I enjoy putting mint in a smoothie to make it seem more like a dessert and less like a health food.  This way my kids will enjoy it also.  Here are a couple that I like:

Thin Mint Smoothie

Vanilla Mint Green Smoothie


Hope these recipes help you make the most of your CSA share this week!