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We're now selling our non-GMO, heritage breed, pastured pork by the whole and half pig!

Since our last batch of pigs sold out so fast (within three days!), we are taking pre-orders for the next batch.  We anticipate these pigs being ready for processing in December 2017.  They are a Tamworth/Berkshire cross and are currently three months old. 


About Our Pork

We currently raise a Tamworth breed of pig.  The Tamworth is a hardy breed, preferring to be outdoors rooting and foraging.  We see them as a great asset to the farm, rooting out perennial weed roots and turning over soil efficiently.


The Tamworth is traditionally considered a “bacon” breed, meaning that the pigs thrive on low energy foods but grow slowly.  They produce meat and bacon that is lean and fine grained.  The breed has an excellent carcass yield of up to 70% due to their fine bones, creating a more productive meat to bone ratio for finished meat products.  In fact, Slow Food (a global, grassroots organization, founded to prevent the disappearance of local food cultures and traditions) has listed the Tamworth on their Ark of Taste.


We have raised our pigs from birth.  They are free of antibiotics and hormones.  In addition to the pasture they've been raised on, they have been fed locally grown, non-GMO feed.  They've also enjoyed fruit and vegetable scraps from our certified organic produce farm.  


Pork Packages - whole or half pig

Our pastured pork is available for $5.00/lb hanging weight.  This is all-inclusive - including the pork, transport, slaughter, packaging, and smoking of ham and bacon. 


Our pigs range in size from 250 - 300 lb. each.  Hanging weight of each pig will be approximately 180-220 lb.  Each pig should yield approximately 150-175 lb. retail cut meats.  The pigs will be slaughtered, butchered and packed at a local, state inspected facility.  The finished cuts will be vacuum packed for freshness. The butcher will contact the buyer directly to discuss cut preferences.  This link from the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture illustrates the typical weight breakdown of each pig. 


Placing an Order

To place your order for a whole or half pig please email us at

Orders are filled on a first come first served basis.  A $100 deposit will be required to secure your order.